Overdosed: A Trip To Hell – Pre-Alpha Demo

Overdosed 1

Overdosed: A Trip To Hell is a chaotic Unreal Engine 4 powered top down shooter that’s effectively Call Of Duty Zombies, transferred into a fast paced and brutal twin-stick shooter, with super-fast giant spiders and a dash of LSD.

From start to finish, Overdosed is a packed with intense, adrenaline fueled action.  You’ll need fast reflexes and a level head to survive as swarms of nightmarish arachnids charge at you.   The basic gameplay is similar to CoD: Zombies, with you fighting off waves of giant spiders and collecting points which you can then spend on new weaponry – from flamethrowers to sentry guns.

If any of the swarming spiders manage to attack you your sanity bar will decrease, empty this sanity bar and you’ll enter ‘INSANITY mode’ – giving you invulnerability, a speed boost and a set amount of enemies so kill within a short time limit.  Kill enough enemies and you’ll gain a bit of sanity and carry on to kick some arachnid ass.

Even in these early stages of development Overdosed is a blast, full of fast paced, adrenaline fueled carnage.  You’ll need something a bit stronger than bug repellent to survive as the giant spiders swarm in from all directions – certainly not just another bug hunt.

Download the Pre-Alpha Demo HERE