OverDrive X – Tech Demo

OverDrive X is a very stylish Unreal Engine 4 powered third person hack and slash action adventure set in a cyberpunk world where recently discovered alien technology has changed life as we know it.

OverDrive X is a more refined version of AlterCore, which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016. The games narrative revolves around alien technology that was found on Mars which when activated transformed everyone living on Mars into ‘The Evolved’. Your character will fight his way through locations on Earth, Mars and even in a space station as he attempts to prevent the alien artefact from causing another catastrophe.

The current build of OverDrive X is very much a  tech demo, so there’s no objectives or narrative, but it does well showcasing the snazzy visuals and the blisteringly fast combat in a large open cityscape where enemies randomly spawn in. The combat system draws inspiration from Devil May Cry, with fast paced action, massive combos and even the ability to transform into a hyper evolved beast.

It’s still early in development (and is being developed by just one person) so OverDrive X does have a few rough edges still – it can feel a little too button mashy and is can be hard to see exactly what’s going on at times, but it’s spectacular to see in motion and even if you are just mashing buttons it’s still great fun. Spectacle-filled cyberpunk hack and slash action that’ll make your eyes bleed.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The OverDrive X Tech Demo here (Windows)