Overfall – Alpha Demo


Overfall is a beautiful looking roguelike RPG adventure in which you roam the seas, explore strange islands, take part in tactical turn-based battles, go on fun quests, recruit crewmembers and recover valuable artefacts.

Featuring X-Com-esque character permadeath and procedural world generation, gameplay in Overfall is split into three distinct sections – sailing across the world map, island exploration and tactical turn based battles.

On the world map you’ll sail the high seas, discovering new lands and encountering other ships (which in a clever piece of game-design, only move when you do).  Once you dock on an island you like the look of, you’ll disembark and be able to speak to locals, accept quests and take part in strategic turn based battles.

As you progress through Overfall, you’ll make friends and enemies, negotiate, recruit crew-members and unlock weapons, trinkets and abilities that will aid your quest.  It’s an ambitious game, with 9 player characters, 36 combat companions, 80+ enemies, 100+ beautiful hand drawn locations and an epic story with multiple endings.  An impressive seafaring adventure with plenty of depth.

Check Out the Overfall Kickstarter & Download The Overfall Alpha Demo HERE