Overflow – Game Jam Build

Overflow, an adorable yet challenging pixel art platformer made for the Ludum Dare 42, sees you playing as various lab creatures with unique abilities as they climb up through a lab that’s filling with deadly green goo.

You are trapped inside some sort of laboratory that is quickly filling up with green goo! This goo is poisonous to your kind and touching it will result in death. You must make your way up to the overflow valve and turn the handle, allowing the goo to drain back out before it touches you. Each of the different lizards that you can play have their own abilities, which will help you move around the level and get to that all important valve.

The first lizard is a bit sticky, allowing you to wall jump while the second gives you the ability to dash upwards instead of wall jumping. Third is a lizard that glides with their ears for a small amount of time, and finally there’s a lizard that has all of these abilities. You aren’t able to switch between these characters – instead you must use whoever you were given at the start of the level. If you are looking for even more of a challenge, cute rubber duckies are located in each level, tempting you to stray from the path to collect them.

Overflow is a very tricky game, the difficulty ramps up fast, so you will need to adapt quickly and persevere to reach those valves. The pixel artwork is excellent and the levels are well designed to make use of the various little lizards abilities. You’ll have to be quick to outrun that goo though!

Play Overflow Here (Browser & Windows)