Overgravity – Beta Download

overgravity 2

Overgravity is a fast paced and chaotic 2D multiplayer shooter that taked place on randomly generated levels filled with Mario Galaxy-esque planetoids that you can hop across at will.

Players can partake in 32 player battles, with 14 different weapons, infinite maps and listen to some super cool dance tunes.  At the moment it’s a little tricky to do any damage with your weapon as people can run as fast as most of the bullets, but it’s a blast bouncing around the planets. In fact with the cool dance music and lasers shooting across the sky, it feel more like an intergalactic dance party than a multiplayer shooter at times!

Note: As Overgravity isn’t released yet, there may not be many people online, but you can create a server and play against Bots until someone shows up.

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Download the Overgravity Beta HERE