Overloop – Beta Demo

Overloop is a beautifully animated and darkly humorous pixel art puzzle platforming adventure where you create clones of yourself (and sacrifice them) as you embark on a quest to overthrow a dystopian empire.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, in Overloop you take on the role of a disgruntled employee of a megacorporation that has brought human cloinging to the masses. This has led to a massive overpopulation problem as people have cloned themselves with wanton abandon. It’s up to you (and a lot of your clones) to set things right.

The main weapon you use on your quest is your clone gun – it can shoot lasers like a normal gun, but it can also be used to clone you instantaneously. You can then control these clones and get them to aid you in different ways – such as sacrificing them to disarm traps, using their weight to push switches, or just standing on them to allow you to reach high places. If the original you dies then it’s not a problem – all of your clones are you anyway, you can just control one of them instead! You will need to keep your gun charged up though – if you run out of juice then you’ll run out of clones (and be left with a weird mutant one).

The demo build of Overloop contains a sizeable chunk of gameplay and really impresses with its high quality pixel art animation, inventive puzzle design and fun sense of humor. The overpopulated clone world is interesting too, and it throws up some interesting ethical questions for you to ponder while you turn masses of your clones into a bloody pulp.

Download the Overloop Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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