Overpower – Alpha Demo

overpower game

Overpower, a game being created by cleankid, is a fun arena brawler that features minor MOBA-styled abilities and fast paced action for an awesome 3rd person combat experience.

Overpower offers four different classes to choose from (Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Ranger) that offer up different combat styles that have both pros and cons for yourself and others. Each class also features different weapons, outfits and abilities that can change the playing field in a split second, giving you more variation for your class and gives you the means to play a class the way you want to.

Overpower is an extremely fun arena brawler, with great visuals and fast paced action.  The only downsides of the current build are that it only runs for ten minutes and then closes after each match, and that you can only play against bots for now. But no doubt these will be rectified when it launches on Steam Early Access with a new build later this month anyway – we can’t wait to see more of Overpower’s big, bold and beautiful brawling action!

Download the Overpower Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)