OverPowered – GameJam Build Download


OverPowered is a short but tough action platformer with some real laugh-out-loud moments and a huge twist that pushes the game mechanics to beaking point (in a good way).

You control a small (and pretty scrawny) hero who meets up with a cheeky old sage who constantly overestimates your powers to comic effect.  This old sage then sends you off on a quest to brave the Pit of True Heroes and defeat the evil demon Lord Zenithius.  What follows is a very silly, very short and very hard action platformer with a great sense of humor and some fantastic surprises.

The platforming is pretty challenging from the off (you’ll die several times on the opening screen), requiring perfect timing and precision jumping to succeed.  If you don’t let frustration get the better off you and get past the handful tough levels (the one in the GIF above is the last) there’s a big payoff that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.  Short, surprising and super-hard – it’s a 10 minute gem you’ll remember long after completion.

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Download OverPowered HERE (Play it to completion – you won’t regret it)