Overstep – Open Beta

Overstep is a very cool 3v3 multiplayer arena combat game where players take control of acrobatic fighting robots and attempt to pull off tricks and kill each other with style.

Playing like a blend of a traditional multiplayer arena shooter and a Tony Hawk’s style skating game, Overstep sees you chaining together parkour tricks and kills to make your way up the leaderboard. Set in the year 2354, players take control of highly agile battle robots who fight and entertaining the crowds in a futuristic game show. The winner isn’t the person who kills the most, it’s the one who kills with the most style. You earn massive combos by chaining together wall-runs, grinds, slides and other tricks, allowing you to maximise the points you earn for your kills as you entertain the masses.

It’s an impressive game with a great feeling of momentum to the gameplay and lots of potential for spectacular kills. Anybody can point and fire a gun, but doing it while somersaulting through the air during a transition from a wall-run to a grind takes real skill!

Download The Overstep open Beta Here (Steam)