Overtime – Alpha Demo


Overtime is a very tense first person horror adventure in which you search for your sister in creepy research facility where 37 researchers mysteriously disappeared.

In Overtime you have entered into a research facility in which it’s pretty clear that the researchers have been meddling with things best left alone. The story, told through scraps of paper you find lying around, hint at mysterious happenings, portals to other worlds and staff behaving strangely before they all went missing.

There’s a tremendous sense of tension as you explore the facility, thanks largely to the excellent audio design, with its ambient soundtrack and creepy radio static really helping to build up the atmosphere. There are some scripted jump scares, but they don’t feel too cheap and the majority of them land very well. The end sequence can get a little too frantic and the monster could do with a bit of a visual overhaul, but the current build (built in just 48 hours) is still early in development and is already a nail-biting experience from start to finish. You won’t regret putting in a bit of overtime with this tense little adventure.

Note: Unfortunately there’s no checkpoint system to allow a quick restart if the monster gets you. But you can get back to the area pretty quickly if you don’t waste time exploring.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download The Overtime Alpha Demo (Windows)