Overture – Beta Demo

Overture is a fast and fun 16-bit action-roguelike, with of randomly generated dungeons, 24 character classes, a vast array of weaponry and unlimited upgrades.

Inspired by the likes of The Legend of Zelda, River City Ransom and Diablo, Overture features chaotic dungeon crawling gameplay and a deep enemy AI system which belies it’s simplistic (but very cool) retro visuals.  Not only are the procedurally generated levels unpredictable, but so is the AI, specifically designed to react to your actions in interesting ways, switching up attacks and swarming in from all directions.

Your near-unsurmountable quest is aided by tons of loot and upgrades, as well as some very handy companions who will aid you if freed from cells.  Gameplay is fast, chaotic and incredibly fun.  Nearing the end of development, the devs have launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to bring it to more platforms, add a bit of polish and squash any bugs.  It’s already very impressive though, and features the same type of one-more-run gameplay that makes The Binding of Isaac so appealing.  A highly addictive retro roguelike.

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