Owl Observatory – Beta Demo

Owl Observatory is an absurd horror comedy point and click adventure about a peculiar owlish gentleman who traps you in his mansion.

A prequel to the superb Dinner With An Owl, Owl Observatory puts you in the shoes of a renowned astronomer called Tycho Brahe, who (along with some other guests) has been invited to the residence of Mr Brooks. There’s something strange about Mr Brooks, and it’s not just that he seems to be a strange man/owl hybrid. He seems wise beyond his years and has a strange influence on those around him. It seems he needs your help with a mysterious anomaly that may cause time to stop forever. You probably shouldn’t trust him too much though!

The Owl Observatory demo takes around 25 minutes to play through and features a few minor puzzles, some secret achievements, some intriguing lore and lots of quality time with Mr Brooks. It’s a real joy getting to know more about Mr Brooks, thanks largely to some incredibly funny writing and excellent voice acting. He is a very odd old bird with an interesting way of looking at life. Highly recommended.

Check Out an Owl Observatory Gameplay Video Here

Download The Owl Observatory Beta Demo Here (Steam)