P.Ackman – Beta Demo

P.Ackman is a surprisingly terrifying Pac-Man inspired first person Sci-Fi survival horror game where a yellow suited janitor finds himself trapped on a space station with four murderous space-ghosts!

Pac-Man has seen many different iterations over the years, but one quite as terrifying as P.Ackman. It takes place on a space station inside the Oort Cloud where a middle-aged man called Phillip Ackman has a job as a janitor. Phillip awakens in his janitor’s closet following a catastrophic incident that killed most of the crew. He now needs to explore and repair the station, but there are four terrifying space-ghosts that will hunt him down and kill him if they get the chance…

It’s got a lot of clever little Pac-Man inspired touches, and remarkably for a game that’s based on Namco’s arcade classic, P.Ackman is genuinely terrifying. It has a very tense atmosphere as you explore its highly detailed labyrinthine environment, feeling a little like the interior of Alien’s Nostromo as alarms sound, smoke permeates the air and lights flash. Each of the Ghosts (with colors matching Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) all have their unique behaviours and attacks, and if you run into more than one of them at a time then you’re really in trouble. Unless maybe, you get your hands on a Power-Pill Gun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The P.Ackman Beta Demo Here (Windows)