P.E. Noire – Game Jam Build

P.E. Noire is a fun little noire point and click puzzle adventure that sees you taking on the role of a hall monitor who has been tasked with solving a mystery of forged P.E. sick notes.

Some might say you’ve been in this job too long, some might say you’ve become jaded by the dark (or mildly shady) underbelly of Sunnyside Elementary and some might say get a grip, you’re a hall monitor, not a private detective in a noire movie! But hey, you’ve got a new case and you’ll talk to yourself and listen to some smooth jazz tunes while you solve it.

The principal has tasked you with getting to the bottom of a P.E. sick note forgery case which has allowed a student called Melvin to dodge P.E. for 8 days straight. To get to the bottom of it you’ll have to search for clues, talk to the school’s students and staff and assist them to gain useful items and information in return.

P.E. Noire takes around 10 minutes to play through and really impresses with its witty noire-styled dialogue, quirky characters and excellent pixel artwork. Sure, maybe you take being a hall monitor too seriously, but if you don’t lay down the law in this unruly school then no one will!

Note: You can’t combine items in your inventory and you’ll need to remove the tough packaging from the “Outlaw Laser Robo Geek” toy to get the batteries from it.

Play P.E. Noire Here (Browser)