Pac Man’s Sky – Pre-Alpha

Pac Man’s Sky is a fun fusion of Pac-Man and No Man’s Sky where you gobble pellets on little planetoids to collect fuel for a rocket that can fly between them.

Initially Pac Man’s Sky plays very much like Pac-Man, but with a spherical 3D maze rather than a rectangular 2D one. Ghosts chase you and you can grab cherries and power-pills much like in the original game, but once you’ve collected enough fuel (pellets) then a launchpad in the ghost’s base opens up and you can jump in a rocketship.

You can pilot the rocketship wherever you like and when you collide with another planet then you repeat the process on that planet – but the planet has randomized map sizes, colors and visual styles. There are also eight different types of ghost – Cringy, Kinky, Liney and Bob join Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, and each of which have their own unique behaviours. Your goal is to travel between the planets and gather enough cherries to activate your warp drive.

It would be nice if there was more variety between maps on the different planets but it’s still early in development and it’s a fun concept that’s executed very cleverly. Between this and Pac-Man 99 it seems that there’s plenty of life in the old pill-muncher yet!

Play Pac Man’s Sky Here (Browser)