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Pacapong is a glorious mix of Pacman, Pong and Space Invaders in which both players take turns firing a Pacman across the screen to rack up points and be crowned the victor.

To increase your score-bar in Pacapong you simply collect as many pills as possible within the time limit.  Once fired your Pacman can be controlled to a small degree, but will always be inclined to heading towards your opponents side.  To make things a little trickier (and more awesome) you also have to contend with ghosts, hit them and you’ll lose a chunk of your score bar (unless you pick up a power pill).  To make things yet even more trickier (and indeed more awesome), you also have to contend with Space Invaders who descend your side of the screen whenever your opponent collects them – with some careful manoeuvring you can even shoot them with the pills you collect with Pacman.

Combining three classic games into one awesome mash-up, with multiple maps and cool retro music, Pacapong is a wonderful blast of retro arcade fun.  It even features cameos from a certain retro primate. PacaDonkeyPong anyone?

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download Pacapong HERE (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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