Pachog Day – Game Jam Build Download

Pachog Day is essentially Pac-Man, but instead of avoiding Inky, Binky, Pinky and Clyde, you need to avoid previous versions of yourself that spawn every sixty seconds!

Created for the gm48 game jam, with a theme of “a lot can happen in a minute”, Pachog Day is Pac-Man, but you’re playing against yourself. You need to make your way through each map collecting “Unbranded Original Flavour Capsules” and when you collect them all you have a choice of five different power pills to collect that will take you to different levels. The main difference being that rather than avoiding AI controlled ghosts, you need to avoid previous recordings of yourself that spawn every sixty seconds.

It’s a very clever concept that makes for an addictive and surprisingly challenging game. Due to the sizes and different shapes of the maps it’s pretty much impossible to memorize what movements you’ve taken so anticipating your ghosts movements is surprisingly hard – especially as more and more of them pile up on the screen. Gameplay-wise it would be nice to have the option to increase the spawn-rate of the ghosts a little as the initial few minutes are a bit too easy (it is in keeping with the “a lot can happen in a minute” theme of the jam though). See how long you can last when you play Pac-Man against yourself!

Download Pachog Day Here (Windows)