PackWar – Alpha Build


PackWar plays like a terrifying first person version of Pac Man, with you fleeing from four blood thirsty yellow monsters and defending yourself with semi-automatic weapons.

In PackWar Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are nowhere to be seen, instead deadly Pac Man-style monsters roam the corridors.  If one gets you in their sights while you’re gathering pills you’d better run, or grab a power pill.  Power pills bestow you with random weapons, such as dual Uzis or a submachine guns – you still have to be very careful when using weapons though, as it takes more than a few shots to fell a monster.

PackWar is still very early in development, so have a few rough edges (most notable the difficulty level and audio), but it’s already a fun and genuinely frightening experience.

Download or Play the PackWar Alpha Here (Windows & Browser)