Max Greene – Prototype Download

max greene

Max Greene is a wonderfully animated and cleverly written point and click adventure set in the 23rd century, about a guy called Max, his cat Joey and how a coffee mug can change the world.

The beautiful cityscape of the 23rd century is brought to life with a great pixel art graphical style inspired by Flashback and Another World. The world looks a little like … Read More

Battle Fortress Tortoise – Prototype Download

Battle Fortress Tortoise

Battle Fortress Tortoise is an impressive 3rd Person Tower Defense Shooter where you take control of the Commander of a clan of gnomes aboard the back of a gigantic tortoise.

Controlling and fighting in a battle from the back of a giant tortoise is every bit as awesome as it sounds – like someone has moved to the epic battles of Lord of the RingsRead More

Blue Collar Astronaut – Alpha Demo

blue collar astronaut

Blue Collar Astronaut tasks you with piloting an explosion-prone spacecraft in a charming hand-drawn 2D game inspired by Atari Classics such as Lunar Lander, Missile Command, and Asteroids.

Controlling your craft with just three buttons (left, right and throttle), you must pilot it around obstacles (such as space-mattresses), avoid hazards and complete objectives.  It’s a game that’s easy to pick up and … Read More

Beast’s Fury – Pre-Alpha Demo

Beasts fury

Beast’s Fury is a beautiful 2D fighting game inspired by Skullgirls and Street Fighter with anthropomorphic characters and some fantastic hand drawn animation.

This build is still VERY early in development, so the fighting systems are a little basic at the moment, but the real allure of Beast’s Fury is it’s aesthetics, with smooth hand drawn animations, interesting characters, and awesome soundtrack.  The full game … Read More