Waking the Glares – Alpha Demo

waking the glares

Waking the Glares is a first person adventure game with a focus on story and beautiful visuals where you explore a strange universe where time and space are twisted.

You play as Dawnfall, a wanderer who finds himself lost in a universe where a book has distorted time and space.  You follow a voice through seven different worlds, each with their own unique atmosphere, personality … Read More

404Sight – Alpha Download


404Sight is a first and third person speed-run parkour game inspired by Mirror’s Edge and Devils Tuning Fork, with an ability to ‘Ping’ your surroundings and a meaningful message about protecting Net Neutrality.

The loss of Net Neutrality is a big issue that not enough people are talking about, so the devs of 404Sight have built a game around it.  While running and jumping … Read More

A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country – Prototype Download

a tribute to donkey kong country

A Tribute To Donkey Kong County is exactly as the title suggests, a fan-made tribute to the Rare classic – and a rather good one it is too!

ATTDKC looks fantastic – the dev has gone to great pains to ensure it maintains Donkey Kong Country’s look and feel, but with beautiful Unreal Engine powered HD visuals.  The Prototype Consists of an entire first world, … Read More

Attack of the Labyrinth – Beta Demo

attack the labyrinth 1

Gauntlet dungeon-crawling, radial-shooting, co-op, treasure-grabbing all wrapped into one. In beta and it’s already an explosive game. Attack of the Labyrinth puts you in the role of either a knight, wizard, archer, or a dragon, where you and three others can blast through a dungeon run together, busting up enemies, grabbing upgrades, shopping from stores in real time (right in the middle of battle), … Read More

Bomber Cat – GameJam Build Download

bomber cat

Bomber Cat is a fun blend of first person Bomberman with voxel based graphics and cats.  That should be pretty much all you need to know about it, but we’ll expand a bit (coz we’re nice that way).

Made for the #IndiesVsPewdiepie GameJam, Bomber Cat brings the classic Bomberman gameplay to first person, complete with destrucatable blocks, a vertical and horisontal blast radius (not radial) … Read More