ParadoxBob – Student Project Download


ParadoxBob is a fun Super Crate Box-style single screen arcade high-score chasing action platformer, full of fast paced action and assorted OTT weaponry.

Created by students at KDU University College, ParadoxBob offers up fun, fast paced arcade gameplay as you jump and shoot your way around levels, avoiding the time-police, while trying to go through as many time portals as possible.  As you jump … Read More

The Starry Expanse Project – Beta Sign-Up

starry expanse game

The Starry Expanse Project (also known as simply Starry Expanse or sometimes realRiven) is an official fan project to remake the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst in real time 3D.

The original Riven was a very highly regarded puzzle adventure that was essentially an interactive slideshow of 2-dimensional pictures that changed based on where a person clicked their mouse.  The Starry Expanse ProjectRead More

Murder In Venice – Student Project Download

murder in venice

Murder In Venice is a short and stylish whodunnit where you play a detective that has to investigate the untimely demise of a young woman who plunged to her death onto the streets of venice. Oh, and everyone is rocking a super cool invisible look where all you can see is their clothing!

To get to the bottom of this mystery you really have to … Read More

20 Days at Sea – GameJam Build Download

20 Days at Sea

20 Days at Sea tasks you with surviving a shipwreck by diving, gathering resources, crafting tools and even eating pieces of your dead partner.

You play Margret, who while out at sea with your partner (John), encounters a freak storm which destroys your ship.  You must then search and scavenge for supplies which yo can consume or use to craft items which will aid your … Read More

Secret Habitat – GameJam Build Download

Secret Habitat

Secret Habitat is a wonderful little oddity that allows you to explore a procedurally generated town, full of procedurally generated art museums, which are populated with procedurally generated art and procedurally generated audio clips (Thankfully you don’t need a procedurally generated computer to play it on though).

This triumph of all things procedural looks fantastic, full of angular buildings and striking low poly visuals.  There’s … Read More