ProtoCorgi – Alpha Demo

ProtoCorgi is an R-Type-esque side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up where you control a cybernetic flying corgi on a quest to save his owner.

In ProtoCorgi you take control of Bullet, a cybernetic corgi whose bark is more deadly than his bite. As you fly through the beautifully animated game world you’ll blast waves of enemies, collect power-ups and battle bosses on your quest … Read More

The Beast Inside – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Beast Inside is a multi-layered first person survival horror adventure that brings the nightmares of the past to the present as a CIA cryptanalyst delves into an unsolved hundred year old murder-mystery.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016, The Beast Inside looks set to deliver a cerebral and scary survival horror adventure. In the game you take on the role … Read More

Rumble Stumble Tumble – Game Jam Build

Rumble Stumble Tumble is a tricky little precision runner where you run, jump, slide and swing your way out of a trap-filled temple while being chased by a Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque boulder.

In Rumble Stumble Tumble you control an Indiana Jones style adventurer who has to grab a valuable treasure then escape from a trap filled temple. It isn’t technically an auto-runner … Read More