Clippy’s Awakening – Game Jam Build

Clippy’s Awakening is a fun little dungeon crawling desktop adventure that sees the paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office searching through files, learning skills and battling enemies as it attempts to clean up the hard drive of a long forgotten PC.

Playing out in a faux Windows 95 desktop, Clippy’s Awakening sees you taking control of Clippy, the helpful (and annoying) paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office. … Read More

Thrushbriar Hall – Alpha Demo

Thrushbriar Hall is a spooky first person puzzle adventure that sees you avoiding ghosts and solving puzzles in a creepy old abandoned boarding school.

In Thrushbriar Hall you take on the role of a paranormal investigator who has just arrived at an abandoned boarding school that your partner, Cheryl, tipped you off about. However, Cheryl arrived there a few days before you and she’s nowhere … Read More

Crumble – Game Jam Build

Crumble is a very addictive little physics based platformer that sees you attempting to survive as cannon fire destroys the finely balanced environment around you.

At first glance Crumble looks like a normal ball-rolling platformer set in a low poly game world. However, a cannon is continually firing at you from a distance and when it hits the structure you’re standing on it soon becomes … Read More