Perdition – Student Game

Perdition is a fun little fast paced first person shooter where you blast your way through a low poly woodland as you attempt to eliminate an alien threat.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Perdition is a simple, stylish and fast paced first person shooter adventure where you take on the role of a lone hero who must activate three satellite relays … Read More

1 Slot Wonder – Game Jam Build

With bags of holding and massive inventories, it’s easy to horde items and bring them wherever you need them. In 1 Slot Wonder, however, there are four tools you might need, but only one can be held in your inventory at once.

You have four different inventory slots, but picking up any item forces the item you had been using to pop right out … Read More

Echoes of You – Student Game

Echoes of You is a beautiful little narrative driven adventure where a widowed father solves puzzles and relives memories of his triumphs and failings as a single parent.

In Echoes of You you take on the role of a father who is looking back on his life and completing a journal, with an aim to make amends with his estranged daughter before she moves away. … Read More