The Painter – Student Game

The Painter is a beautiful and spooky little platforming adventure where you control a little white rabbit that clears up smudges on paintings to reveal their story.

Created by students at Futuregames in Stockholm, The Painter is a very short, but beautifully crafted little game where you enter a series of pictures hanging on a wall and clear them up to reveal their story. You … Read More

Reflection – Game Jam Build

Reflection is a short and thought provoking little narrative experience that explores independence and identity and how others’ acceptance of your identity/sexuality can affect your life.

In Reflection you take on the role of an LGBT person at two different times in their life – when they’re young and living with their parents and when they’re older and living with a partner. Taking just a … Read More

Inanis – Student Game

Inanis is a beautiful little musical flying adventure adventure that takes you on a journey of creation as you create an entire world from particles of light.

Created by a group of six students from Full Sail University, Inanis is a wonderful little experimental experience where you create life from light. You start the game floating around in a dark space with just a few … Read More