Storyteller – Beta Demo

Storyteller is an inventive puzzle game where you place characters and backgrounds into comic-panels to allow you to tell different stories.

Currently in development by Daniel Benmergui, creator of Fidel Dungeon Rescue, Storyteller is a puzzle game where you create stories through a series of comic book panels. In each level you are given a selection of backgrounds and characters, then you place them … Read More

Stroll – Prototype Download

Stroll is a top-down pixel art dungeon crawler where you hack, stab and shoot your way through a zombie infested world.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, Stroll sees you looting, crafting and killing as you attempt to rebuild society. In the game you’ll venture out from your safe haven, explore the remnants of cities, suburbs and forests, looking for survivors, weapons and crafting … Read More

Paper Trail – Beta Demo

Paper Trail is an inventive and very charming puzzle adventure where your character has the ability to fold the paper world.

In Paper Trail you are a young woman called Paige, who sets out on an adventure to continue her academic studies. To make her way through the world she’ll need to manipulate the fabric of the world, by folding it over upon itself.

You … Read More