Schwarzerblitz – Beta Download

Schwarzerblitz is a 90’s style 3D polygonal fighting game, with fast paced 1v1 combat, quirky characters, fluid combos and a bizarre Sci-Fi narrative about a government project that has shaken the continent of Europe.

The 8-way movement, 3D combat and low poly visual style of Schwarzerblitz draws inspiration from the Early Tekken and Virtua Fighter games, while the narrative and characters seem to be taken … Read More

Njorbs – Student Project Game

Njorbs is a high speed bug racing game with an innovative control scheme that feels a little like Sonic, but with a cool grappling hook ability that allows you to swing around corners.

In Njorbs you control nimble little bugs as they hurtles around twisty WipEout-esque futuristic gravity defying tracks. The little bugs are very agile and responsive, with a running, jumping and … Read More

Altitude Sickness – Game Jam Build

Altitude Sickness is a fun little ragdoll platformer where you can clamber over the frozen bodies of previous climbers as you attempt to reach an icy mountain peak.

In Altitude Sickness you control a floppy ragdoll mountain climber who has ventured out onto an icy mountain with little in the way of mountain climbing equipment. You do have one handy trick up your sleeve though … Read More

Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Student Project Game

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is a fun third person beat ‘em up that blends bodybuilding and Ikaruga-esque color based shoot ‘em up gameplay.

In Sun’s Out, Guns Out you take control of one of two muscle-bound hunks as they strut their stuff on the sun-soaked Venice Beach. However, not everyone is out to have a good time – aliens have invaded the beach and … Read More