Disc Room – Beta Demo

Disc Room is a brutally tough Sci-Fi arcade avoid ‘em up where a scientist makes his way through a labyrinthine intergalactic slaughterhouse filled with spinning discs of death.

In Disc Room you follow the adventure of a brave astronaut scientist who is exploring the interior of a gigantic metallic disc that has mysteriously appeared in the orbit of Jupiter. Unfortunately for you it’s made up … Read More

Gravity Vector – Alpha Download

Gravity Vector is an inventive pixel art puzzle platforming adventure where you use your ability to rotate your character’s gravity to navigate labyrinthine ruins.

In Gravity Vector you take control of a little green treasure hunter who doesn’t have a face, but does have a very handy ability to flip gravity. You can run and jump as in most platformers, but pressing A or D … Read More

Welcome to Elk – Beta Demo

Welcome to Elk is a charming looking, but deceptively dark and unsettling narrative driven adventure where every character has a story to tell that’s based on real-life stories.

In Welcome to Elk you follow the adventure of a young carpenter called Frigg, who lives on a small island. It’s an odd place filled with quirky characters who the world has forgotten, such as your buddy … Read More

Beneath a Withering Moon – Game Jam Build Download

Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful and mysterious little PS1 styled two minute horror game where you attempt to figure out how to cast a spell that will banish the darkness from the land.

Created by Modus interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and Frontier Diver), for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful little occult horror puzzle … Read More