Draw Your Own Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

Draw Your Own Adventure is a delightful little interactive story where you draw all the characters and make choices as a king goes in search of a queen in a medieval fantasy land.

In Draw Your Own Adventure a narrator tells a charming (and rather silly) story about a King who goes in search of love. The story is played out on a little hand … Read More

Projection – Alpha Demo

Projection is a very creative shadow puppet styled puzzle platforming adventure where you can manipulate light sources to cast solid shadows that you can use to your advantage.

At first glance Projection’s shadowy visuals and puzzle platforming gameplay will put players in mind of Limbo, but the core gameplay is very different and the shadow puppet styled visuals are more than an aesthetic … Read More

Death Live – Student Game Download

Death Live is a fast paced old school rail shooter where you use guns and gravity bending orbs to blast your way through a violent futuristic game show.

Created by a team of students from the ETPA Game Design School, Death Live sees you taking on the role of a contestant in a violent sport show that’s broadcast throughout the entire galaxy. It’s a rail … Read More