D Game – Game Jam Build

D Game is a stylish hand drawn point and click mini-adventure that revolves around taking a little time to unplug yourself from modern life to enjoy a little time in the sun.

Created by the talented Bits and Crafts (creator of T(rip) and noitanigami) whose work feels like a breath of fresh air in the point and click adventure genre, D Game is a … Read More

PATH – Game jam Build

PATH is a stylish little puzzle adventure where you decide which actions to perform to during your short lifespan to achieve one of the various endings.

In PATH you control a little cube whose life timer is continually ticking down as you explore a stylish blocky world full of possibilities. You can explore, discover secrets and chat to the locals, but to perform certain actions … Read More

Tether – Pre-Alpha Download

Tether is an Event Horizon-esque Sci-Fi psychological horror adventure which follows a mother as she recalls her final conversations with her children, while she explores a spaceship whose crew have been struck my madness.

The dark Sci-Fi horror narrative of Tether takes place in a desolate Sci-Fi future where the Moon has been destroyed and has caused natural disasters to sweep the planet. You … Read More