Dazed in Space – Beta Demo

Dazed in Space is a delightful Mother-esque Sci-Fi fantasy adventure with horror elements, which follows three kids who get lost in an alternate dimension.

In Dazed in Space you follow the adventure of a young boy called Olof and his two friends who go out trick or treating on Halloween 1989 and end up going on a bizarre interdimensional adventure. The game looks a … Read More

Last Time I Saw You – Beta Demo

Last Time I Saw You is a beautiful hand animated narrative-driven coming of age adventure with dark supernatural elements, about a young Japanese boy, a mysterious girl and a curse.

In Last Time I Saw You you follow the story of a young Japanese boy called Ayumi who lives in Japan in the late 80’s. He has a happy life with caring friends and family, … Read More

Goodbye World – Beta Demo

Goodbye World is a narrative driven adventure where you play a retro puzzle platforming game on a Gameboy and learn the story of two indie game developers who are struggling to find inspiration and success.

In Goodbye World you follow the story of Kanii and Kumade, two indie developers who met in college and decided to make games together. They have made several games already, … Read More