Plants Vs Zombies 3 – Pre-Alpha Download (Android)

EA have released a Pre-Alpha build of its upcoming Plants Vs Zombies 3 game, available to download now on Android devices (if you’re quick).

Plants Vs Zombies 3 allows players to continue their fight against the hordes of zombies invading their backyards. The Pre-Alpha is currently only available on Android and is only available in the US. What’s more the Pre-Alpha is only available in … Read More

Mistmore – Student Game

Mistmore is a Lovecraftian top-down action adventure which follows a detective who travels to a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a scientist who was on the verge of creating a power source without limits.

In Mistmore you explore a mysterious island in search of Professor Ekenberg – a scientist who was on the verge of a world changing breakthrough before she went missing. … Read More

All Day Dying – Beta Demo

All Day Dying is a super fast paced first person shooter that focuses on muscle memory, speed-running and chaining together attacks as you shoot, kick and blast hordes of robots to smithereens.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, All Day Dying is an intense, action packed first person shooter where speed and skill are essential. This latest build is … Read More