Project Starship – Alpha Demo

project starship

Project Starship is a bat-shit crazy bullet-hell arcade vertical-shooter, with big, beautiful sprites bursting with color, procedurally generated levels, random ‘Mad Events’ 19 bosses and tons of minions to smash.

It shows a lot of love to the classic arcade shoot-em-ups of the 80’s (you can even use the ‘Konamai Code’), but takes their old school shmup gameplay, adds a ton of bullets and turns … Read More

Gunslugs 2 – Beta Demo

Gunslugs 2

Gunslugs 2 is a wonderfully chaotic run and gun arcade shooter with a great sense of humor, procedurally generated levels and fast, fun gameplay full of carnage, explosions and tons of action movie cliché’s.

Building on the award winning original, Gunslugs 2 improves on the OTT action filled Gunslugs gameplay in every way, offering up more chaos, more guns, more enemies, more explosions and more … Read More

Brawlhalla – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)


Brawlhalla is fun, fast paced online or local multiplayer arena brawler where the greatest warriors in history fight to prove who’s the best that ever was, is, or will be.

Competitors from all eras battle across a multitude of arenas littered with a variety of gadgets and weaponry, including swords, blasters, bombs and rocket lances. Every weapon changes your playstyle, making for chaotic battles that … Read More

Fallow – Alpha Demo


Fallow is a Gothic Americana adventure game that oozes atmosphere, with a deep storyline and a beautiful monochrome pixel art style.

You take control of Isabelline Fallo, a farmhand in the strange alien world of Fallow who has come to accept that she’s a little bit crazy.  As well as being unsure if what she see’s is real a lot of the time, she also … Read More