Dead Sector – Student Game Download

Dead Sector is a very impressive Dark Souls inspired third person Sci-Fi action adventure set in a dystopian future that’s dependent on mysterious energy cells to survive.

Created by a team of five students at HAW Hamburg, Dead Sector is a Souls-llike third person action game where you use an upgradeable plasma sword and an energy shield to fight your way through a dilapidated … Read More

Untarctica – Alpha Demo

Untarctica is a fast-paced non-linear action platforming adventure where you run, jump and shoot your way through a secret Sci-Fi lab, battling bosses and collecting cool new power-ups along the way.

In Untarctica you control a nimble little hero with a big gun who is on a mission to stop an evil cyborg from melting the ice caps of Antarctica with a heat factory. The … Read More

Seclusion – Alpha Demo

Seclusion is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure that draws inspiration from Myst and Riven as you explore a strange world that you were transported to through an old painting.

In Seclusion you awaken in a mysterious world after a painting transported you there. It’s a beautiful place, with jaw dropping vistas and floating islands, but there is a problem – the painting that you … Read More

Color Bound – Game Jam Build Download

Color Bound is a beautifully drawn mini-metroidvania adventure where you help a little robot frog get his colors back and find his way home.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, Color Bound is a charming little open world metroidvania where you control a little robot frog who has lost his colors. These colors each represent a different skill, such as dashing and double-jumping, and you’ll need … Read More