Vertex – Alpha Download


Vertex is an action platformer that focuses on exploration in expansive levels along with an interesting storyline and numerous compelling boss battles.

The game features fun retro platforming, large levels to explore, lots of secrets and two characters with unique abilities that you are allowed to switch between at any time. Vertex already scratches that retro itch, but according to “iMoose”, the developer, he is … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download

cloudbase prime alpha

Cloudbase Prime is a fantastic first person shooter/platformer with a beautiful low poly graphical style, huge enemies, a wicked sense of humor and the ability to propel yourself (and enemies) high up into the air.

We first covered the 2 year old Cloudbase Prime prototype a while ago and loved it, but the newly released Alpha build is far superior, with better polish, more enemies, … Read More

Dizzel – Open Beta (Steam)


Dizzel, the oddly named 3rd person multiplayer shooter is now free to download on Steam Early Access.  It features fast paced cover shooting action similar to Gears of War but with faster gameplay and gore, lots and lots of gore.

Dizzel is a game that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, with over the top violence, fast paced gameplay and a selection of brutal fatalities … Read More