Dyadic – Student Project Download

Dyadic game

Dyadic is an inventive puzzle platformer in which players work together and share to solve complex puzzles in a mysterious ancient ruin.

Created by students of SAE Creative Media Institute, Brisbane, Dyadic impresses with it’s co-operative gameplay and intelligent puzzle design.  It’s meant to be played with two players locally, with each player using one side of a controller, but can be played by one … Read More

360FLAP – Game Jam Build

360FLAP game

360FLAP is an addictive, minimalistic take on the Flappy Bird formula, in which you flap around an ever changing circular course in search of that elusive high score.

Time heals all wounds, and now that the glut of Flappy Bird clones have disappeared, there is the occasional unique take on the flappy gameplay formula that stands out. 360FLAP is one such game, created in 48 … Read More

Read Only Memoires – Alpha Demo

read only memories

Read Only Memories is a great new pixel art cyberpunk point and click adventure in which you and Turing – the worlds first sentient robot – explore the world of Neo-San Francisco, and discover what has happened to Turing’s creator.

Read Only Memories is inspired by classic point and click adventures such as Gabriel Knight and Snatcher, featuring charming pixel art visual design, well … Read More

Luckless Seven – Alpha Download

Luckless Seven

Luckless Seven is a unique story-driven isometric RPG that replaces traditional combat with tactical blackjack-esque card games where players must get as close to 20 as possible without going bust.

You control Mark, a keen card player who gives up his dead-end job to travel from city to city, winning local qualifier battles to allow himself entry into the prestigious national tournament.  There’s far more … Read More