Spellweaver – Beta Key Giveaway

Spellweaver is an impressive new trading card game (TCG) we fist covered last month, full of rich fantasy lore, that combines the deep strategic tactics of Magic: The Gathering with the ease of access of Hearthstone.

Currently in Closed Beta, Spellweaver features a large selection of cards from six different factions, pandering to different play-styles.  Battles are fast and fun, with customisable hero skills … Read More

Edge of Eternity – Pre-Alpha Download

edge of eternity

There’s a new RPG in town, built in Unity, and destined for greatness. Following in the footsteps of classic beloved RPG’s like Final Fantasy and Grandia, Edge of Eternity is as epic as the title suggests.

Currently on Kickstarter, EOE offers a delightful tale fueled by exploration of a fantasy/sci-fi open world, and a turn-based/tactical battle system. Already Greenlit on Steam, Edge of EternityRead More

Gone – Game Jam Build Download


Gone, a game made for the MiniLD #56, is a challenging but fun puzzle game with a bit of an interesting twist.

This game, which is heavily inspired by the DOS game Paganitzu, puts you in control of a mysterious robot. This robot is pushing around boxes and spheres to make it to the exit of some sort of factory. Some exits may … Read More

STRAFE® – Pre-Alpha Demo


STRAFE is an awesome new sci-fi first person shooter inspired by FPS classic’s like DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D, full of fast, fun and bloody retro-infused combat.

The tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter trailer speaks for itself – and illustrates how passionate the developers are about STRAFE and the games it plays homage to. STRAFE features procedurally generated levels offering billions of level possibilities, beefy guns … Read More

Blopathon – Game Jam Build


IndieQuilt Jam entry Blopathon by Pixel Spill Games brings platform-jumping and target-strategy together in this beat-it-in-30-seconds title.

Players assume the role of a blob (blop?) and jump from floating platform to floating platform in an attempt to collect all of the totems on each level. The difficulty may be changed on the slider at the beginning of each round, and the player takes aim with the … Read More