East Gwilimbury – Alpha Demo

East Gwilimbury

East Gwillimbury is a charming sea-based incremental clicker in which you poke sea creatures for profits as you transform a derelict ocean platform into a thriving city.

We’ve seen plenty of incremental clickers are ABG, but nothing as involving as East Gwillimbury. Where most clickers are content to be fairly passive experiences, East Gwillimbury feels more like a traditional gaming experience, as you search for … Read More

The Monster Inside – Game Jam Build

the monster inside

The Monster Inside, a beautiful noir styled visual novel made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you taking on a new investigation as a trail of dead bodies leads to some unexpected places.

You are Jack, a washed up private eye who hasn’t had much work lately. While passing your office, a beautiful women comes in with quite the case. She believes that a … Read More

Cinderella Escape! – Alpha Demo

Cinderella Escape

Cinderella Escape! takes the classic fairytale and adds some very odd plot changes, Anime character design, maze-based puzzles and jiggly boob physics to create an oddity with some very rough edges (as well as some very curvy ones).

There are some very intriguing design choices in Cinderella Escape! – the two ‘ugly sisters’ seem to dress as if they’re off to some sort of bondage party and … Read More

Reset – Alpha Demo

Reset game

Reset is a gorgeous first person sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you record versions of yourself and work alongside them to solve large open-world puzzles.

You pilot a mech on a large 16 square km island set in a beautifully rendered dystopian future, with 30 unique puzzle areas that you can solve in any order you like.  Your mech isn’t the most agile of vehicles, … Read More

BATHOS – Game Jam Build


BATHOS is a short pixel art puzzle game created for Ludum Dare, in which you have to find the correct key to unlock a door and escape captivity.

Set in a single room, with a charming pixel art visual style and an ominous soundtrack, to say too much about BATHOS will ruin the game, but suffice to say you wake up in a locked cell … Read More