Yours Truly, – Student Project Download

Yours Truly Game

Yours Truly, is a beautiful 10 minute gem that serves as a war analogy, with two strange shadows being too different to live at each others side – no matter how much they want it.

The art design is fantastic as you traverse the barren wilderness with your shivering shadowy figure – you immediately feel for this strange dark being.  Blood red trails of red … Read More

Moderator – GameJam Build


Have you ever wanted to become the God of the internet, where it is your job to remove all of the trolls and haters?

Well, that is exactly what your aim is in the game Moderator.  Made for the Indies vs Pewdiepie jam, it puts you into the role of a God of the internet. People, standing on their social platform of choice, write … Read More

Cube And Me – Pre-Alpha Demo

Cube and me game

Cube and Me is a fun and delightfully weird mix of Tamagotchi-style pet simulator with Arcade combat RPG, RTS, and “roguelite” elements.

You play as a professional envelope folder that encounters mysterious alien life forms known simply as “Cubes” which he then raises and nurtures to become fierce warriors in combat (We did say it was weird), while investigating their mysterious appearance.  What follows … Read More