Strange Eden – Student Project Download

Strange Eden

Strange Eden is a super cool third-person platformer that sees you speeding, skating and soaring through a mysterious floating city.

Created by four Students from Vancouver Film School, impresses with it’s striking visual design and audio.  As you race though the world, there are orbs and hidden manuscripts to collect to flesh out the story.  You traverse the city using a fun mix of running, … Read More

The Hard Rock Riffs – Game Jam Build Download

the hard rock riffs

The Hard Rock Riffs is a very cool musical action game in which you must use combinations of keys on your keyboard to strum classic rock riffs, fending off your adoring fans long enough to make it to the limo.

The current build has two levels, each with different riffs sampled from classic songs (Back in Black & Sweet Child of Mine) and featuring charming … Read More

Meteo: Façade – Alpha Demo

meteo facade

Meteo: Facade is a great looking first person point and click adventure in which you wake in in a mysterious underground labyrinth with a strangely naïve girl called Sunnie, and must solve intricate puzzles in order to escape.

This odd underground labyrinth has some beautiful sights to discover and tricky puzzles to decipher. Thankfully though, you don’t have to do it on your own, Sunnie … Read More

You Got Served: A Fist In The Face – Game Jam Build

you got served

You Got Served: A Fist In The Face is a very cool and highly addictive two button bar room brawler in which you use the arrow keys to fend off an ever increasing onslaught of thugs.

There’s an air of rhythm action around You Got Served: A Fist In The Face, as you must time your punches and kicks to make sure they land … Read More

Fruit Punch – Student Project

fruit punch

Fruit Punch is an impressive dungeon crawler in which you control fruit-based heroes in order to defeat the insect menace.

Developed by 4 students at Vancouver Film School, Fruit Punch sees you exploring dungeons, taking on nasty insects, collecting loot and levelling up your fruity warriors.  In an interesting twist, you can also put your heroes into a blender, and make juices for your other … Read More