Captain Reverso – Game Jam Build

captain reverso

Captain Reverso, a super tough trucking game made for the JS13K Games Jam 2015, has you attempting to reverse park truck trailers to save the world.

Captain Reverso, also known as Bob, is a truck driver! One day, he wakes up with a hangover to find that all the truck drivers in the world have disappeared. Now it is up to you to deliver … Read More

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team – Game Jam Build Download

Ruby and majesty

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team is a charming dungeon crawling puzzle adventure inspired by Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and The Legend of Zelda, in which you control two characters simultaneously, making your way through deviously designed, trap-filled dungeons on your quest for treasure.

You control Ruby (a person) with the arrow keys and you control Majesty (a bat) with the WASD keys … Read More

A Quiver Of Crows – Beta Sign Up (Steam)

A Quiver of Crows

A Quiver Of Crows is a fast paced bird-based twin-stick shoot em up set in a stylish silhouetted world cursed by demons and ghouls.

Playable in single player or co-op multiplayer, A Quiver Of Crows blends side scrolling action with the free range motion of dual stick shooters to create an intense and unique shoot-em-up experience.  In it’s shadowy world there’s a wide range of … Read More