Courier Of The Crypts – Prototype Download

Courier of the crypts

Courier of the Crypts is a charming pixel art action adventure game where you play a courier on an errand to the guardian of the crypts, killing enemies, solving puzzles and avoiding traps along the way.

As you traverse the dangerous crypts, your magic torch forms a pivotal role, lighting your way, helping you solve puzzles and affecting the environment.  You’ll have to keep your … Read More

Paint The Town Red – Prototype Download

Paint The Town Red

Paint The Town Red is a chaotic and blood-soaked first person brawler where nearly everything you see can be picked up and used as a weapon – to brutal (and comical) effect.

Built over 7 days for this years #7DFPS jam from the developers of last years Probably Archery, Paint The Town Red puts you in the shoes of an undercover cop whos’ cover … Read More

No More Probes – Alpha Download

no more probes

It’s not what you think, there’s a lot more going on behind that odd title, and we’ve barely scratched the surface with developer Nelson Atmos’ chaotic title, No More Probes. Essentially, you’re a crazy hobo in a junkyard trying to build earth’s last defense from aliens raining from the sky.

You have a strange machine that serves as a platform for you to build … Read More