Pain-to-Win – Beta Demo

Pain-to-Win is a dark and gritty Hotline Miami-esque top-down shooter with destructible walls and lots of brutal weaponry.

The core gameplay in Pain-to-Win is pretty similar to Hotline Miami – you grab weapons and use them to blast your way through buildings filled with thugs. There are some significant differences though, such as being able to reload guns, having a health bar and not losing your level progress when you die. Another key feature is that you can use certain weapons to destroy the walls in the levels, opening up new routes and new areas.

It doesn’t feel quite as tight as Hotline Miami (though not much does), but it’s a great take on the genre with gloriously brutal kills, a very cool art style and impressive environmental destructions. It’s really not a pain to play Pain-to-Win!

Download The Pain-to-Win Beta Demo Here (Steam)