Paint Rush – Game Jam Build Download

Paint Rush is a very fast paced and disorientating action platformer where the only way you can see the level is by covering it with the multicolored blood of your enemies.

In Paint Rush you take control of an agile ass-kicking warrior who must make his way through a large level filled with enemies, barriers and defenses. The only problem being that you can’t see any of them (not even the level) as everything is colored pure white. The only way to figure out the layout of the world is to cover it with paint-like blood of your foes.

Paint Rush is a very fast paced and challenging little game, thanks largely to how disorientating it is. Paint/blood only colors the level for a short time, so you often have to try to remember the layout of the area you’re traveling through – which is easier said than done when you’re being attacked from all directions by enemies! It makes for a very intense experience and you actually feel drained after it as you really have to focus on what’s going on. A challenging and creative little action platformer well worth checking out.

Download or Play Paint Rush Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)