painters guild

Painters Guild is a retro styled management game where you take control of a small guild, commissioning paintings and teaching your student (a young Leonardo Da Vinci), so he can become the great artist we know him as.

It’s a fun, quirky game that’s reminiscent of some of the Kairosoft sim games (Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, etc).  The pixel art style fits really well with the game too, especially the miniature pixelated versions of some great works of art, like the Last Supper in the pic above.

Painters Guild is still in Alpha, so some features are still missing, but it’s still great fun to play.  Features that are planned to be added sound interesting too, and should add a nice bit of depth to the proceedings.  These include the ability to hire new artists (procedurally generated and famous ones from history), different art styles, crafting, guild customisation and (gay or straight) relationships and romances.

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Play the Alpha HERE