Pajuu – Game Jam Build Download

Pajuu is a short, but powerful little platforming adventure that sees a young fox cub traversing an icy terrain as it searches for its mother.

Taking around five minutes to complete, in Pajuu you take control of a small fox named Pajuu, who goes searching for his mother across a frostbitten landscape. The gameplay is pretty basic, with you running and jumping through the fairly easily traversable terrain and pressing ‘Shift’ occasionally to use your scarf to warm up.

It’s the artwork, audio and narrative that really make Pajuu worth checking out through. The beautiful hand painted artwork and the sombre piano score really bring the game to life and the wordless narrative hits you right in the feels with a powerful ending. A beautiful and emotional little adventure that’ll stick with you long after completion.

Download or Play Pajuu Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)