Pale Blue – Prototype Download

pale blue

Pale Blue is a stylish Anime-style 2D side-scrolling action and stealth adventure game where instead of playing a hero, you play as Ellen – a normal girl who has been turned into a monster and succumbed to evil.

Ellen is assigned to various missions by the sinister COCOON organization which turned her into a monster.  She’ll fight superheroes and organisations from around the world, spreading a reign of terror.  You will take control of Ellen’s story as the human being we know and follow her path as she fades away to evolve into the evil terror known simply as Pale Blue.

Gameplay is inspired by an eclectic mixture of games, including Megaman, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell classic and Rampage.  It features dungeons with hack and slash gameplay where you’re given freedom to roam the area, stealth stages, NPC interactions and Tower defence elements.

The Prototype is VERY early in development, so the fighting is fairly basic and doesn’t feel as fluid as it should be, but it certainly shows potential.  The visuals are impressive, with some great looking anime style-animation, and the ‘evil’ focused storyline certainly sounds intriguing.

Download the Prototype and check out the Kickstarter HERE (You have to use Z-zip to Unzip)