Pale Cinder – Alpha Demo

Pale Cinder is a pixel art action platformer that draws inspiration from Castlevania and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, with you able to rewind time to correct your mistakes.

In Pale Cinder you are a mysterious stranger who’s on a mission to dispatch an evil tyrant called the Dragon, who rules with terror and has a penchant for burning and hanging his victims. It’s a tough game and you will die often, but thankfully you can bend time to your will, with you able to slow it down or even rewind time to prevent a death. You also unlock a variety of other useful abilities as you play, including wall-running (both horizontally and vertically), air dashing and different attacks.

At the moment the platforming doesn’t feel quite precise enough for some of the things that it wants you to do (a certain section with you wall-jumping to ascend while avoiding spikes is particularly frustrating). However, the majority of the time it’s a very accomplished action platformer with great pixel artwork, a good sense of humor, fun combat and clever time-bending mechanics.

Download The Pale Cinder Alpha Demo Here (Steam)