PalmRide – Alpha Demo

PalmRide is a retro styled arcade racing game where you drive and shoot your way through a city as it pulses in time with the music.

Drawing inspiration from OutRun and Rad Racer, PalmRide is a Vecter-esque, driving survival game where you race through the traffic-filled roads of a vibrant city. Your aim is to drive as far as possible and to do so you’ll need to avoid hitting obstacles. You can dodge obstacles, but you can also collect bullets that you can shoot them with and shields that can protect you.

There are a few issues with PalmRide at the moment – no powerslides, no boosts, it feels a little slow and it takes too long to get challenging (so every time you fail you have to drive through the boring easy bit again). That said it does show a lot of promise. The core gameplay is a lot of fun once the difficulty ramps up and the way the city pulses to the music is mesmerizing. Certainly worth taking for a spin and definitely one to keep an eye on.

Download The PalmRide Alpha Demo Here (Steam)