PALPUS – Alpha Download

PALPUS is a fun run n’ gun action platformer that plays like a blend of Mega Man, Contra and Turrican, as you blast an alien menace that’s turned your people into mindless cyborg warriors.

In PALPUS you take control of a lone warrior who must fight their way through four large levels populated by mind controlled cyborg warriors and deadly robots. You character moves similarly to Mega Man, with you able to shoot directly in front of you but not aim your gun at an angle (as in Contra), which requires you to do a lot of jumping and shooting as you attempt to shoot enemies that are above you.

Each level comprises a series of open stages punctuated by a boss fight comprised of increasingly sinister forms of PALPUS (the alien mastermind that’s behind the invasion). There’s a nice selection of power-ups to collect, as well as currency which can be used to purchase items from kiosks during levels or permanent upgrades at the end of the level.

There are times where the inability to aim your gun can frustrate, but once you get used to the controls PALPUS is great fun. A great slice of fast paced old school run, jump and gun arcade action well worth checking out.

Download The PALPUS Alpha Here (Windows)