Pantropy – Pre-Alpha Demo

Pantropy game

Pantropy is an ambitious sci-fi MMO FPS in which players explore, mine resources, craft, build and fight on a beautiful alien world with a rich ecosystem, filled with hostile and non-hostile creatures.

The current Pre-Alpha Demo build of Pantropy doesn’t feature any PvE elements at the moment, so if there’s no-one else around it can feel a bit empty, but it certainly shows a lot of promise. The alien world is full of beautiful scenery and plenty of resources to mine from the shiny rocks that are scattered around it. These resources can then be crafted into a wide range of clothes, weapons, tools and building materials that will allow you to eek out an existence on this strange new world. You can also engage in PvP combat with other factions, but it’ll take a while to craft a decent weapon and there’s not many people around at the moment.

The current build is still very early in development, so is missing quite a few features, but it looks great, has an intuitive UI and has plenty to offer those who like a bit of crafting and base building (and the base destruction is pretty cool too). It’s certainly a great taster for things to come, with promise of more crafting options, modular mechs, robotic assistants, more weapons, faction-based PvP warfare and PvE combat against some monstrous alien wildlife. It’s worth checking out even without all these features though, as it feels like you’re one of the first pioneering explorers to leave your mark on the planet.

Note: Press TAB for the crafting menu

Download The Pantropy Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Sign Up & Download Link Will Be Sent Out)