Pantsu Harvest – Alpha Demo

pantsu harvest download

Pantsu Harvest is a fun game that blends challenging precision platforming with tricky switch and block based puzzles to create a tough little pixel art puzzle platformer that’ll test your grey matter as well as your platforming skills.

You play a cute little witch who must make it through perilous dungeons to rescue your waifu and pantsu (underwear), and defeat an evil witch. Although there are other types of puzzles, the majority of them are built around the use of switches to control the appearance/disappearance of blocks – a fun mechanic which allows for a surprising amount of variety as it’s used in a multitude of ingenious ways.

The Alpha Demo features five large levels and a big boss fight, and impresses throughout with it’s catchy soundtrack, charming visuals and inventive level design. It’s still early in development, but Pantsu Harvest is already shaping up very nicely – a challenging puzzle platformer full of nice surprises.

Visit The Pantsu Harvest Greenlight Page Here

Download The Pantsu Harvest Alpha Demo Here (Windows)