Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s – Beta Demo

Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s is a weirdly charming blend of point and click puzzling and visual novel artwork which sees you engaged in the highly dangerous pastime of stealing panties from pretty women.

In Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s you take on the role of a pantie thief who poses as different tradesmen to get into the houses of pantie owners. The demo build sees you at one such house, after being called in to fix the owners video recorder. Fixing it is a simple job, but maybe you can steal some pantsu while you’re there…

It turns out that the art of stealing panties is fraught with danger – you can get caught, arrested, injured and even killed in lots of odd ways. The demo features seven sets of panties that are very well hidden and will require a lot of experimentation to find them – often resulting in failure and death. It’s likely you’ll have to play through the demo several times just to get one set of panties, let alone all of them or unlock the true ending.

As it’s a game about being a pantie thief, Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s could very easily feel sleazy and inappropriate, but it somehow manages to come off as more charming than sleazy. This is thanks mainly to the cute artwork and lack of a sexual element to the game – it’s more of an easter egg hunt with panties and a lot of silly ways to catastrophically fail. The life of a pantie thief sure is a dangerous one!

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Download The Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s Beta Demo Here (Windows)