Panzer Shoot – Beta Download

Panzer Shoot is an intense twin-stick shooter where you pilot an upgradeable tank and attempt to fend off hordes of mutants.

In Panzer Shoot you take control of a speedy little tank that packs a big cannon and a few machine guns. The game is a twin-stick shooter, but your tank actually moves like a vehicle (so you drive forwards/backwards and steer left and right) rather than instantly being able to switch directions.

The battlefield fills with hordes of enemies and vehicles very quickly, as well as giant buildings that erupt out of the ground and block your way. You can collect technical points though, which allow you to upgrade your tank in various ways. Select the right upgrades and you may stand a chance of surviving more than a few minutes!

It’s a very intense and addictive game with beautiful 3D visuals and challenging gameplay. The tank controls feel great and the upgrades you select really do make a difference. See how long you can survive!

Download the Panzer Shoot Beta Here (Windows)