Paper Dungeon – Alpha Demo

Paper Dungeon

Paper Dungeon is a quirky first person dungeon crawler in which everything around you is made out of paper.

You start the game armed with a pen, some scissors and a compass.  The compass is used to help find the exit, the scissors can chop away fabric walls to reveal hidden passages and the pen is used to dispatch enemies. The papercraft dungeon is filled with hidden secrets and deadly traps for you to navigate. It feels a little like style over substance at the moment, but its stylish papery dungeons certainly show promise.

Paper Dungeon is still very early in development so does have a few rough (papery) edges, but it impresses with its unique art style, quirky gameplay and secret-filled dungeons.  Become a real knight of pen and paper in this unique papery adventure!

Check Out a Paper Dungeon Gameplay Video Here

Download The Paper Dungeon Alpha Demo Here