Paper Sky – Kickstarter Demo

Paper Sky is a chilled out semi-ope world adventure where you deliver your own messages via a paper plane that can roll up into a ball.

Currently in development by Brute Force (creators of Crumble), in Paper Sky you write out your own personized message and then send it out into the world on a piece of paper. The paper has two forms – a ball that can roll around and jump, and a paper plane that can soar through the skies. You can switch between both forms at will, allowing you to traverse different environments. If you finish the game you’ll also be able to leave your messages anywhere in the game world for other players to find.

It could do with some form of a boost button, because if you crash then it can take forever to build up your speed again. Aside from that though, it’s a very promising game. It’s visually striking, the shift between different forms is clever and there’s a real sense of speed as you hurtle through the skies. It seems that written letters aren’t snail mail anymore!

Visit The Paper Sky Kickstarter Page Here

Download The Paper Sky Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)