Paper Trail – Beta Demo

Paper Trail is a wonderfully chilled out and inventive puzzle adventure where you can fold the world like origami to help you access new areas.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure set in a foldable paper world. It follows a young woman as she leaves home and heads off on a journey to university. Her journey takes her to differently themed lands with unique gameplay mechanics and different people to meet.

As long as there’s nothing obstructing them, you can use the mouse to drag and fold over the corners and edges of any of the sections of the world you’re on. This allows you to solve puzzles, discover secrets and access new areas. In each new biome a new puzzle element is also introduced which can allow you to use your world folding abilities in interesting new ways.

It’s an absolutely delightful game with very clever and inventive world-folding puzzles. The artwork is stunning and makes you feel like you’re playing on an interactive painting. Meanwhile, the timely introduction of new gameplay mechanics and fun characters do a great job of keeping things fresh and engaging. Also, there’s something very satisfying about being able to grab and fold the world to your will. Highly recommended!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Paper Trail Beta Demo Here (Steam)