Paperball – Beta Demo

Paperball is a fantastic spiritual successor to the classic Gamecube era of Super Monkey Ball games, which sees you testing your ball rolling skills in over 150 stages and multiple game modes.

There has been very little to cheer about for fans of the Super Monkey Ball series since the glory days of the Gamecube, but fear not, Paperball is the successor to SEGA’s classic series that we’ve all been waiting for! There’s no jump button, no uniquely skilled characters and no collectibles – It’s a pure skill based ball-rolling arcade game that’s solely about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

The current demo build features ten levels to test your skill on, each earning you a grade of bronze, silver of gold depending on how well you do. They offer a satisfying level of challenge and inventive design, while the ball physics feel perfect. The full game will come with 150 over levels spread across 4 difficulty levels and 10 environment styles. It will also come with multiple game modes, including competitive local multiplayer races (sadly no Super Monkey Ball style multiplayer minigames at the moment).

Aside from the lack of mini-games, Paperball is the Super Monkey Ball game that fans have been crying out for for years. Purists may miss the monkeys (though really they were pretty irritating) but it maintains the classic gameplay accompanied by a similar vibrant visual style and chirpy audio design. What’s more, the core gameplay is a blast thanks to the excellent ball rolling physics and wonderfully creative level design. Monkey Ball is dead, long live Paperball!

Download The Paperball Beta Demo Here (Steam)