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Paperchase is a well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer in which you play a paper character that can fold into a selection of useful forms, such as boats and paper planes.

Your goal in each deviously designed level is simple, just get to the exit, but there are plenty of obstacles and hazards that block your way. Being made of paper means that you’ll want to avoid fire at all costs and you’ll only survive landing in water if you’re in boat form. You also have other objects you can change into, such as the paper airplane and the parachute, all of which you can transform into in an instant by pressing the corresponding button. Each of your forms have their own uses and will all be required to make it through this challenging platformer.

Considering this was built within the time constraints of just 48 hours the quality of the visuals, audio and gameplay in Paperchase are fantastic. Each of your forms are fun to play around with (particularly the paper plane) and you’ll certainly need them all in this charming, challenging and well crafted shape-changing platformer.

Download Paperchase Here (Windows Only)

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